We have customers all over Europe, the US and Australia. Colorists, editors and online artists that rely on remote solutions to be able to work with clients from all over the world.

Colorist Nicke Cantarelli

With a unique look, Nicke has quickly become a sought-after colorist for major commercials, music videos, films and TV.
The music video "Blinding Lights" for The Weeknd is already a modern classic with 500+ million views and has been nominated for several awards.

Pixelview customer since 2020
Hundreds of hours streamed
Available for work worldwide thanks to remote streaming

- Pixelview has helped me a lot with remote clients. They can see me work live and give instant feedback - making the process much easier and smoother. It works really well and the quality is great. The team behind Pixelview is constantly updating and releasing new features.

Selected work

What clients say about us

We have used many different solutions to provide our remote clients with a high quality stream. Our previous solutions were both more expensive, and more complicated compared to Pixelview. We are very satisfied.

Magnus Strömfelt
Partner Gangsters Post

So far, the image quality of the stream is great and with very low latency. Together with a price that is a lot better than the competition, it’s been the perfect solution. Being able to stream my online sessions to remote clients has really helped this past year.

Malte Onnestam
Flame Artist

I find Pixelview intuitive and easy to use for me and my clients. To be able to show my work in real-time and discuss ideas and changes for the film is invaluable.

Martin Steinberg

Easy to use, reliable, and client-friendly.

I’ve been using Pixelview for a while now, and I love how easy it is to use. The quality of the stream is good, stable, and fast. And it is very easy for clients to access the stream. The software is constantly evolving and the support has been great so far. Pixelview has become an essential part of my grading setup.

Sander Van Wijk