Tutorial: Stream from Avid Media Composer to Pixelview

August 30, 2022

With the new SRT-feature in Avid Ultimate you can stream to Pixelview without requiring any hardware.

Sign up here to receive your login credentials.


  1. Apply for login credential in the link above. Wait for us to email you.
  2. Right click on the HW/SW output settings in Avid and choose SRT and configure.
  3. Enter the details you received from us.
  4. Set quality to Low for best performance. It will use a lot of bitrate otherwise.
  5. Click the HW/SW icon to make sure it's blinking.
  6. Open the login.pixelview link you received from us and login.
  7. Click the watch link to view the stream. “Web link with embedded password”.

Use Safari for best quality and latency.

Best color accuracy and quality is in the iPhone, iPad or Apple TV apps. Download Pixelview Playerfrom the app store and enter the Stream ID and Password.


If you are seeing artefacts or other glitches in the stream there are a couple of settings to change.


In the SRT protocol, this parameter is used to mitigate bad network between you and the server. It should be no less than twice the round-trip between encoder and ingest server. Increasing it will lead to slighly longer latency but a more stable stream.

  • In the SRT settings in Avid, try a higher latency value.