Stream with OBS

We support streaming with OBS if you don’t want to use a hardware encoder. This enables you to get started quickly and try out our platform.

Fill in the form below to receive login details. We will process this manually so it might be a few hours or a day at the most.

Set up instructions

Download the latest OBS version.

– Open settings.

– Choose Custom and paste the Server address you’ve received from us. Leave Stream Key blank.


– Go to output and set bitrate. We recommend around 6 Mbit/s (6000 Kbps). Please don’t stream at higher bitrate than 12 Mbit/s.

Set CPU preset and Tune to “ultrafast” and “zerolatency” for lowest latency. 


– Click Start Streaming. 


– Now login to the admin page using the address you’ve also received from us. 

View using the link on the admin page or with the Pixelview Player app.