Streaming for post-production

The easy-to-use streaming solution with built-in video chat. Share your work with remote clients quickly and securely. 

Discuss and make changes in real-time while everyone is watching the same high quality image.

Watch the Video

Our unique approach combines hardware and software for a seamless video sharing solution – you don’t need anything that’s not in the box. Simply plug it in, send a link to your client and they can stream your work in high quality, giving feedback in real-time.

We also support streaming to our platform using OBS if you don’t want to purchase new hardware.


Modern H265 compression

Any device

Watch in both web browsers and apps


Fixed rate monthly subscriptions

Low latency

~ 1 second


Industry-standard AES encryption

Get help

Personal support from a small company

Ready To Go

Pixelview is ready for use straight out of the box – everything is preconfigured, all you need to do is plug it in. We use best-in-class H265 compression to stream your SDI signal at up to 12 Mbit/s in high definition, ready for live viewing.

It’s Simple For Clients Too

When you send the link to your project, your client can watch it directly in their web browser – there’s no need to download and configure special media player software. However, for optimized color accuracy, they can choose to use the Pixelview Player app.

H265 compression is supported on Safari for laptops and desktops, as well as in Pixelview Player. Other browsers will get an H264 stream that is transcoded live on our servers.

For your eyes only

We take security very seriously. Whether you’re an editor, a colorist, or a flame artist, your project is a confidential work between you and your client – and we keep it that way. Pixelview streaming relies on Haivision’s award-winning SRT protocol to encrypt your stream with industry-standard AES ciphers, making sure that no one else can see what you’re working on.

iPhone, iPad & Apple TV apps

Use our apps on Apple devices to get the best color accuracy and compression. Apple TV support is the perfect way to set up an affordable link between remote sites, allowing your client to view your project the way it was meant to be seen, and give live feedback on edits.

* Video chat is not supported in the apps at the moment, only in browsers. Use Safari on iPhone/iPad to access it.

Let Us Help

The advantage of dealing with a small company like us is that we’re there for you when you need us. Any help you need getting started is just an e-mail away, with fast response times.

We pride ourselves on being dynamic and flexible. If there’s a feature you would like to see, or a change that you think would improve the platform, we’d love to hear it. Recently added features include the option to add your own logo to the player and change the background to simulate what your content will look like on different platforms.


We started out in the Nordic and have a majority of our customers here. Right now we are expanding to the rest of the world with servers in both the US and Australia to guarantee low latency. We will continue to expand to always be close to our customers.

I find Pixelview intuitive and easy to use for me and my clients. To be able to show my work in real-time and discuss ideas and changes for the film is invaluable.

Martin Steinberg – colorist

I have used Pixelview for several remote online approvals with great results. It’s easy to set up and reliable. I also use it to make changes to graphics if the agency isn’t able to come in. Very common these days. The great quality of the stream and its fast and reliable setup make it my streaming service of choice.

julius denizhan – flame artist

So far, the image quality of the stream is great and with very low latency. Together with a price that is a lot better than the competition, it’s been the perfect solution. Being able to stream my online sessions to remote clients has really helped this past year.

malte ÖNNESTAM – flame artist

We have used many different solutions to provide our remote clients with a high quality stream. Our previous solutions were both more expensive, and more complicated compared to Pixelview. We are very satisfied.

Magnus Strömfelt – Partner Gangsters Post

Easy to use, reliable, and client-friendly. 

I’ve been using Pixelview for a while now, and I love how easy it is to use. The quality of the stream is good, stable, and fast. And it is very easy for clients to access the stream. The software is constantly evolving and the support has been great so far. Pixelview has become an essential part of my grading setup.

Sander van Wijk – Colorist

Pixelview has helped me a lot to be able to live stream my projects to my clients. They can see me work live and give instant feedback that has made the process so much easier and smoother. It works really well and the quality is very good and the team behind Pixelview is constantly updating and releases new features.

nicke cantarelli – Colorist

Some of our clients work created with the help of Pixelview