Streaming for post-production

Easy-to-use streaming solution with built-in video chat. Share your work with remote clients quickly and securely.

colorist sitting by deskvideo chat interface with video streaming
text and video chat

Video and text chat

Discuss and make changes in real-time while everyone is watching the same high quality image.

Talk live with the built in video chat
Send reference images in the text chat
Make everyone be a part of the creative process

With all the features you need

Encrypted video to your clients devices no matter where they are


Industry-standard AES encryption

Any device

Watch in both web browser and iOS/Apple TV apps


Fixed rate monthly subscriptions

Get help

Personal support from a caring company

Two ways to stream

Use our hardware encoder for a complete end-to-end solution that works out of the box.

We also support software streaming with OBS if you already have a capture card or want to stream directly from Premiere, Final Cut or Avid without needing any extra hardware.

Watch getting started tutorials.

More Features
stream with OBSMagewell hardware encoder

See it in action


Connect encoder

Either use our pre-configured encoder or  OBS together with a capture card.


Generate a client link

Use our web interface to quickly make a new unique session for your client to join.


Watch on any device

Invite your client to watch on their computer, iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.


What clients say about us

Our previous solutions were both more expensive, and more complicated compared to Pixelview. We are very satisfied.

Magnus Strömfelt
Partner Gangsters Post

The image quality of the stream is great and with very low latency. Together with a price that is a lot better than the competition, it’s been the perfect solution. Being able to stream my online sessions to remote clients has really helped this past year.

Malte Onnestam
Flame Artist

I find Pixelview intuitive and easy to use for me and my clients. To be able to show my work in real-time and discuss ideas and changes for the film is invaluable.

Martin Steinberg

Easy to use, reliable, and client-friendly.

I’ve been using Pixelview for a while now, and I love how easy it is to use. The quality of the stream is good, stable, and fast. And it is very easy for clients to access the stream. The software is constantly evolving and the support has been great so far. Pixelview has become an essential part of my grading setup.

Sander Van Wijk